Gioia showing off her fabulous feet: such a sexy tease

Gioia01- sexy feet

After a long day outside, Gioia likes nothing better than to kick off her shoes and enjoy feeling the coldness of the ceramic tiles through her extremely sensitive feet. She has always loved that wonderful barefoot feeling. She likes going out into the garden in the early morning, place her naked feet on the cold grass still wet with dew. The delicate skin on her soles and in-between her little toes never fails to give her electric tingles.

Gioia’s tan feet are so soft and smooth-looking. Her feet are stunning, with high arches, sexy ankles and heels, cute insteps and pale pink siren toenails. Do you like her nicely shaped toenails? How do you like Gioia’s feet best? Freshly washed and perfumed or mildly sweaty? She likes to have her delicate feet massaged, kissed and worshipped.

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Have a tickling party with bare-footed Gioia and Petra

GioiaPetra03- foot fetish

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